Extraordinary People

The Fascinating Series from Channel 5 on UK Television

Channel 5's Extraordinary People

This was a series of documentaries recording the lives of some truly amazing people. Some have had horrific experiences, while others are remarkable in their ability to overcome adversity. In some cases the individual has suffered a terrible medical affliction that has tested doctors, surgeons and nursing staff to the limit.

In all cases, they demonstrate strength and resolve that we, as viewers can only begin to imagine. It puts life into perspective and makes us realise that our own day-to-day moans and complaints are utterly trivial by comparison.

The series was aired on UK television, but judging by the response this web site has received the programmes have been syndicated and shown all around the world, possibly many times.

As the section has evolved some interlopers have arrived. People who are, indeed, extraordinary people, but didn't feature in this series.

The webmaster of this site has multiple sclerosis, which is why this site came into being, and I take my hat off to the people featured here. I am fortunate that my MS symptoms are not severe, but I really have nothing to complain about when you become aware of what others are going through.