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A transdermal gel or cream used to control the symptoms of MS.

The patches are worn twice daily for 8-hour intervals. The active ingredients reach the bloodstream after being absorbed through the skin. I originally called this treatment Procarin, but have updated my reference to it since visiting the EDMS Web Site.

Many multiple sclerosis patients who have tried Prokarin have noticed substantial benefit. This does not mean everyone benefits. However, those patients for whom it is right, have enjoyed improvements in numerous symptoms. Some improvements are rapid and some are gradual. This treatment has been available in the USA and Canada since 1999 although the research information of Elaine DeLack, a registered nurse from Stanwood, Washington dates back to the 1940's.

Registered Nurse

Elaine Delack has become something of a celebrity since a documentary about her and her development of Prokarin has been shown around the World.

Prokarin is a proprietary blend of histamine and caffeine and, primarily, treats fatigue in MS patients. 

At this time, as far as I am aware, Prokarin is still only available in The United States of America but there are some pharmacies who are prepared to ship the product. Visit the EDMS, LLC Web site to find out more. Like so many other treatments, it will help some but not others.

To find out how you can OBTAIN Prokarin visit the EDMS, LLC site for a list of pharmacies.

However, in many quarters Prokarin is dismissed as mere hocus-pocus.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this site does not represent a qualified medical opinion. It is simply the information amassed by an MS patient while trying to understand this condition. You should seek the advice of your medical practitioner or neurologist before trying any treatment you may read about on this site. I am not a doctor, I am a patient.

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